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Christina Liddell is an independent dance artist based in Scotland. Upon graduation with a First Class BA Honours in 2012, Christina was awarded the Dancer's Emerging Bursary Scheme through Dance Base, under the mentorship of Alan Greig. Christina has performed within worked by Angus Balbernie, Janis Claxton, Christine Devaney, Roisin O'Brien, William Thorburn and Pirita Tuisku. Her career has specialised in a dual combination of performance and outreach work.

As an artist and maker, Christina looks to craft her artistry within a fusion of multi-sensory art forms, to share compelling messages with the wider audience. She is passionate that the work she delivers is greatly steered as a response of the individuals she comes alongside, expanding horizons of possibilities and embracing diversity within freedom of expression.

Christina’s creative vision to work with an array of impulses and exploration, aspires to move above and beyond her work as a practioner. She purposes her performative qualities to unveil integrity, grace and versatility, acting as a vessel to carry infinite depths of meaning and power.

Christina has a deep interest in collaborating with artists and is particularly drawn to the cross over of different art forms to inform new creative works. If you would like to find out more information about her artistic practice or have a project in mind, please contact her via the contact tab.


Janis Claxton Dance
Christine Devaney
Angus Balbernie
Roisin O'Brien
William Thorburn
Pirita Tuisku
Mona Kastell