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Christina Liddell is an award winning dance artist based in Scotland. Upon graduation with a First Class BA Honours in 2012, Christina was awarded the Dancer's Emerging Bursary Scheme through Dance Base, under the mentorship of Alan Greig. With qualities of integrity, grace, power and versatility, Christina has performed within works by Angus Balbernie, Janis Claxton, Christine Devaney, Róisín O'Brien, Madgalena Schamberger and William Thorburn, amongst others.


Christina's career has specialised in a combination of performance, inclusive dance and arts-and-heath practice. She has always been dedicated to devote her profession to the aid, benefit and well-being of others. As a result, she has worked with diverse groups, covering a large spectrum of needs and clinical conditions. Engaging within a number of special schools; Braidburn, Kaimes, Oaklands, the Royal Blind School and St Crispins, Christina has extensive experience in working with individuals with language and communication difficulties. 


Since 2016, Christina began working with Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity to offer dance sessions to children and young people within the Royal Hospital for Sick Children. In consultation with physiotherapists, her remit assists in the recuperation of the children’s physical and emotional well-being, by providing creative movement and dance, within bedside and playroom settings. With an open and receptive approach, each session is uniquely tailored based on the needs of the child or young person she is working with. Working within the hospital has exposed her to the nature of the clinical environment; emotional demand, unpredictability, interruptions and dealing with challenging cases. Communication and liaising between multi-disciplinary teams and the individuals is central within her practice, to successfully contribute towards developing effective care and action plans. Christina is known to reflect attributes of empathy, integrity, compassion, patience, accountability and flexibility. She has specialised skills where she is able to intuitively adapt, modify or even postpone strategies when necessary.

As a teacher, Christina has worked with a full spectrum of ages; from babies, young children, teenagers, adults, including those with disabilities, to the elderly who have been living with dementia or Parkinson's. She is passionate that the work she delivers nurtures abilities, confidence, interests and talents. She believes it is essential to embrace the diversity of groups, whilst also creating an inclusive environment. Christina likes to invite a way working, where she is directly inspired by those she is moving with, giving individuals and groups a sense of ownership. Two-way interaction is integrated by receiving individual contributions, directly and indirectly, which then influences the development of a session. She continuously aspires and hopes that individuals can come away, feeling uplifted with a sense of achievement, that they have ultimately played a significant role in what was expressed together.

Valuing each person as an individual and understanding that each have their own aspirations, priorities, needs and abilities, is a work ethic that Christina practices and holds with the highest importance. Meeting people, not only on a clinical, but also on a personal level by going the extra mile, aids in relieving the pain, distress and anxiety of what an individual is experiencing. This is something that Christina fervently seeks to do within her practice, to consistently be attentive and sensitive to needs, having a central focus to delivering a service that exceeds expectation, in order to make a difference. 

As an artist and choreographer, Christina looks to craft her artistry within a fusion of multi-sensory art forms, to share compelling messages with the wider audience. 

Christina has a deep interest in collaborating with artists or professionals within multi-discplinary teams and is particularly drawn to the cross over of different art forms to inform new creative works and practices. If you would like to find out more information about her artistic work or have a project in mind, please contact her via the contact tab.

Christina's work has been supported by:

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