Creative Team

Christina Liddell

Producer, Choreographer and Performer

Christina Liddell is an independent dance artist, based in Scotland. Amongst many professional collaborations, she has performed in works by Angus Balernie, Janis Claxton, Christine Devaney, Roisin O’Brien and Magdalena Schamberger. Her career and practice specialises within the Arts-and-Health sector, helping with recuperation of health and wellbeing through movement, creativity, humour and artistic interaction.

The work she delivers is greatly steered in response to those she comes alongside and warmly encourages each individual, to flourish and find joy in freedom, within their very own expression.

Mona Kastell


Mona Kastell is an ecoscenographer and community engagement practitioner with a strong interest in social and ecological conscious design. She has over twelve years of professional experience, including stage and costume design in devised, street and physical theatre, dance, film, and participatory art installations.

Nature, interconnectivity and authentic community engagement are at the heart of her creative practice.​

Image by Mark K Jackson

Greg Sinclair

Tao-Anas Le Thanh


Tao-Anas Le Thanh is a videographer based in Edinburgh. He started ten years ago in a video agency in Lille, France where he grew up and went freelance when moving to Scotland in 2014.


His work is varied between dance, film, fashion, events, journalistic, advertising and corporate videos.

Simon M Scott

Simon Scott has specialised in documenting a wide variety of arts and community engagement performances around the UK for almost a decade, as well as working on personal projects.


He has worked with the Traverse Theatre, DanceLive, Scottish Dance Theatre, Citymoves Dance Agency and Puppet Animation Festival, amongst others.


Image by Simon M Scott

Demiliegh Walker & Poppy Smith


Image by Simon M Scott

DL Sound and Video

Projection Mapping and Audio Design

Established in 2015, DL Sound and Video is a creative media duo; Darren Momenpour and Liam McHenery, based in Edinburgh, Scotland who specialise in creating captivating experiences through projection mapping and interactive content.


Image by Jassy Earl

Greg Sinclair is an award-winning performance artist, composer and cellist from Edinburgh, Scotland. He makes performance work that seeks to visualise and/or physicalise sound and music. His work is often made in collaboration with other artists, children, young people, community members or it’s audience.


Greg also composes music for theatre and performs in other companies work.

Images by Simon M Scott