©2018 by Christina Liddell



"I looked around at these kids and they were so engrossed with everything that you are doing. Children are so honest with how they respond to the world, so you know, you can't hide your portrayal and connection to what this is all about."

"So thought provoking. A truly special performance, encapsulating all the senses and emotions. Christina is a very special young woman. Set in an enchanting garden. Wonderful!"

"A beautifully and magnificently crafted production! Very moving and touching and so skillfully presented by Christina! The remarkable set; sound; visual and lighting effects; beautiful music; all added to an extra-ordinary experience! So well done!"

"Wonderful, magical production. So immersive and surprising. Full of joy and light!"

"A gloriously moving and anointed performance, to uplift and inspire. Though life can often be laced with both difficult and painful experiences, love, hope and joy will ultimately always break through and triumph!"

"What a beautiful, moving performance. I found every movement so thoughtful and graceful - and the entire piece was so full of hope and joy. The wishes made by the young people and the film I found particularly inspiring! It truly touched my heart."

"Beautiful, beautiful inspired creation."

"A wonderful and touching performance. So much passion and emotion! It is clear that this work has a profound effect on these children's lives, making them full of joy. Keep doing this amazing work."

"Wonderful performance! Very moving - I cried!"

"Two very special people. Beautiful, haunting, moving. Touched my heart and soul, thank you. What a gift to spend time with these amazing young people at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children."

"So touching and brave - beautiful!"

"Enchanting! Loved it."

"That was beautiful. More than moving, touching. For me, it was universal. Anybody, everybody can get something from it...my wish; more disabled and non disabled sharing spaces inside and outside dance studios/hospitals..."

"Very touching and great balance between interactive/participating/watching - it all worked really well together - Thank you!"

"You captured something beyond words. I cried for the wee ones I looked after in hospitals and then I cried at the smiling faces of the children you give joy, dance and movement back to when life has landed so heavily on them. Thank you, you are making such a difference."

"Made me laugh and cry and feel such joy. Such a beautiful experience, magical all the way through and really felt part of something special, thank you!"

"I've a smile on my face I can't seem to shake! Congratulations."

"Absolutely breathtaking - so beautifully moving. Thank you for sharing with us."

"Stunningly meaningful, words cannot express fully. Christina, you have such a beautiful heart."

"A heartwarming and beautiful performance. Truly inspiring. I cried most of the way through, especially seeing [young performer's] gorgeous dancing. Congratulations!"

"It was a beautiful show about your care for these lovely kids - a glimpse of hope shared, a story told - burdens carried and nests removed. May God bless you in the next chapter of whatever lies ahead for you." 

"Bless your work! The tears were just rolling down into my beard!"

"Words are insufficient to truly tell you how I felt about your piece. It was beautiful and moving and totally inspiring too. I love the way you move as well as your stillness. The set was stunning and I felt as if I were in nature throughout. Your work is a wonder and the children are blessed to have you." 

"Is this really real Mummy? I can't believe I'm not dreaming!"