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Royal Hospital for Sick Children

‘He has had the ‘shock of his life’ regarding the dance sessions. He was not convinced at all when he heard you were introducing dance to the hospital, he did not think it would work. He has been ‘amazed’ and said it is “one of  the best activities of the year. The children it affects are the ones you’d least expect” – He thinks Christina is exceptionally good with the children, especially those with severe disabilities and seems to gauge what they’d like immediately. He says “it is the small group of children who never get anything who have benefitted the most”’


Royal Hospital for Sick Children

“[My child] is lucky to have you in her life, you bring so much joy and happiness to her. And, in bringing joy to [my child] you share it with [us] too! Thank you for adoring our precious girl.”    
“Beautiful words from a beautiful person. [My child] loves and respects you so much Christina. You have such a calming influence on him and you have instilled belief. We're so blessed to have you in our lives.”

"I cannot express how much these visits meant to us as a family and how much they positively impacted on [my child's] time in hospital. [My child] always loved music and dancing, and despite her  newfound physical limitations – Christina found a way to engage with [my child] and enable her to feel she could do this again. She felt like a normal 6-year-old girl again and was able to enjoy and interact with the music. Moreover, Christina was able to assist [my child] with her rehabilitation and physiotherapy in a way that felt like fun – rather than scary and painful. We saw a transformation in [my child's] confidence and strength. Christina’s visits were a highlight of the week and she really looked forward to her dancing. Christina is amazing at adapting her teaching and routines to [my child] as she progresses in her recovery."




"I truly believe that if Christina’s work is allowed to flourish and develop it will allow her work to help others, both children and their families, in ever unfolding ways. The lasting positive impact of any single event cannot be underestimated and moments are indeed precious." - Simon Scott

"The work Christina has already undertaken and shared with me is incredibly affecting, moving and rich; with a strong choreographic voice." - Greg Sinclair

"Christina’s passion for her work...has been really contagious..." - Tao Anas-Le Thanh